Responsive Volunteerism - Vinimay Experience

This article analyses the techniques and principles that has enabled Vinimay to carry out large-scale social welfare activities entirely through voluntary work-force for a long period of time.
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The simile of the coconut tree

We at Vinimay feed the roots, but the fruits appear somewhere else - This article talks about why Vinimay does not expect anything in return from the beneficiaries for whom it works.
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Society's participation in social welfare activities - Vinimay's experience

This paper describes the methods evolved by Vinimay over the years to harness the potential of individual volunteers towards the goal of child welfare.
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Woh saath din - Vinimay's week long camps

This article discusses the philosophy and expectations that drive Vinimay's out-station camps.
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The 'Treeps' - Combining business with pleasure

This article describes how Vinimay teaches social skills to children and youth from child welfare institutions.
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Vinimay trust's Smt. Coomiben Babubhai Shah Tarun Sadan hostel (a home for under-privileged youth)

This article explains the reasons and founding principles on which Tarun Sadan was set-up.
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About Balmahotsav

This article gives a small description of Balmahotsav and the ideas with which it is conducted.
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Supplementary Nutrition Program - The way to a child's heart is through food

This series of articles talk about the Supplementary Nutrition Program, its genesis, goals & methodologies and other details.
Supplementary Nutrition Program - Genesis
Supplementary Nutrition Program - Goals & Methodology
Supplementary Nutrition Program - Details

The story of Fakira Sheikh

This article is extracted from an e-mail written by Mr. Ivan Rodrigues (General Manager Marketing at Radhakrishna Foodland Private Ltd.) to his colleagues about a beneficiary of Vinimay's activities.
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Gaurav's story

This is a story of a boy named Gaurav (name changed) who faced personal tragedies of unimaginable nature at a very tender age, and how Vinimay helped him to claw back and lead an almost normal life again.
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Arjun's story

This story talks about how people's lives are built and success achieved with an indomitable spirit, willingness to work and a few helping hands.
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The story of Naresh

This story talks about how sheer grit and unwavering determination can help a person climb the ladder of success.
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Select Old issues of Vinimag

Internal magazine - circulated among volunteers and donors