1978-1982: The Beginning

  • A group of friends were exploring what they could do to improve the lot of the under-privileged.
  • Experimented with many activities: Science for People, Education for Slum Children, Literacy Programs, etc.

1982-1989: Years of Learning

  • Activities got focused when invited to help children in a boarding school for under-privileged children in 1982.
  • Successful synergy and symbiosis between an institution and volunteers. Extend a Hand to Under Privileged Kids - Metro, 2002
  • Child development program grew in range and depth, so did the number of volunteers.
  • Child development program logically led to a program for rehabilitation of youths emerging out of Child Welfare Institutions.
  • Programs like contact meeting, scholarships, loans etc. were developed.

1989-1999: Years of Consolidation

  • "Vinimay" registered as a public charitable trust in 1989 to ensure stability and continuity of work.
  • Standardization of activities.
  • Increased focus on youth rehabilitation activities.

1999-2009: Years of Challenges

  • "Tarun Sadan", a transition hostel, inaugurated in the year 1999 under Youth Rehabilitation Program with seven in-mates. Why Tarun Sadan
  • The second phase of "Tarun Sadan" building completed in 2007 (currently about 50 youths stay in the hostel).
  • Feeling of necessity to synchronize, prune and standardize programs.
  • Pressure on monetary and manpower resources.

The Road Ahead

  • Restructuring of Vinimay's operational procedure.
  • Tapping volunteer's latent potential.
  • Improving institutional efficiency.