Management of work

  • Activities are not only run by volunteers but also managed by them.
  • Our structure has a judicious blend of institutional stability, small group flexibility and individual creativity. "Society's Participation In Social Welfare activities - Vinimay's Experience"
  • Three level non-hierarchical structure viz. Board of Trustees, Working Committee and individual volunteers. It is non-hierarchical because:
    • Trustees and Committee Members also work as volunteers on the field and
    • Decisions are taken by consensus and discussions between all three levels.

Approach to work

  • For the child welfare institutions, we are co-workers not advisors.
  • For the children and youth we are partners not providers.
  • We strive to make all our interactions transformational rather than transactional.

Method of work

  • We as volunteers believe that inner transformation requires close and personal interaction with the child welfare institutions, children and youth.
  • We work in consultation and concurrence with child welfare institutions, children and youth to ensure their participation and acceptance of our work.
  • Our main thrust is raising the average of the entire group rather than grooming excellence in a few.