Vinimay's activities are not packages or stand-alone items. They are dovetailed to the holistic development of the target groups. The programs are modified appropriately keeping in mind the changing situations.

Child Development Activities

The Child development activities are primarily focused on:

  • Holistic development of the under-privileged children
  • Fulfilling specific needs

These two activities take the form of:

  • Academic education: Tutorial Classes, supply of stationery, scholarships
  • Health: Food, supply of medicines, emergency hospitalisation, karate classes
  • Social Interaction: Birthday programs, annual dinner
  • Personality Development: General Camps, Life Education Camps, Excursions
  • Recreation: Play Centres, Children's Film Festival, Balmahotsav, cultural programs by children

Youth Welfare Activities

Our youth welfare activities primarily happen through two forums:

Tarun Vinimay

More often than not, boys leaving the CWls at the age of 18 are not fully equipped to face the confusing and ominous-looking outside world. By all counts, eighteen is a crucial period in the lives of these children and at this age they have to learn to fend for themselves, look after themselves and adapt themselves to new life-situations, while all the time facing a bleak and uncertain tomorrow. From its experience in dealing with boys leaving child welfare institutions, Vinimay realized the need for Post-institutional care and hence formulated a programme called 'Tarun Vinimay' for the ex-inmates of CWIs. Activities under, this programme include :regular contact meetings, assistance in accommodation, job placement, loans, education, health care, personality development, interaction with society, involvement in constructive activities,help in personal crisis, recreation etc.

Smit vinimay: Smit Vinimay was a program similar to Tarun Vinimay, meant for girls coming out of child welfare institutions (CWIs). After conducting this program for a few years, we realised that the number of girls needing a platform similar to Tarun Vinimay was very few, as the CWIs rehabilitated the girls fairly well (either through marraige or through working women's hostels). Also, girls with some kind of family support could not attend the program as they did not enjoy the same freedom (like boys) to participate in outside activities. So, the Smit Vinimay program was merged with Tarun Vinimay program.

Tarun Sadan

Tarun Sadan is a hostel run by Vinimay Trust for homeless boys who emerge out of child welfare institutions (CWIs). By law, CWIs keep boys only up to the age of 18. The boys leaving cwis at the age of 18 are not able to manage their own life all by themselves, due to their sociological, psychological and educational handicaps. Vinimay has been assisting such boys with free or subsidized living accommodation, job placements, medical assistance, housing loans, higher education and help in personal crises. As the number of boys under this Youth Programme kept increasing, the need for a hostel was felt where the boys could be housed and groomed to become well-adjusted and independent citizens.

Some details: The first phase of Tarun Sadan, constructed at a cost of Rs. 30 lakhs was inaugurated in May, 1999. It could house about 25 youth. The second phase was inaugurated in June, 2008, increasing the strength to 50 youth. This ideal strength ensures our ability to pay individual attention to every youth.

Service to the hostellers:

  • Care, supervision and guidance by residential superintendent.
  • Simple facilities including stay, food, clothing, medical aid.
  • Subsidized charges based on the salary earned by the hostellers.
  • Academic & technical education to improve earning capacity.
  • Job placement.
  • Guidance for interaction with community.
  • Counseling & grooming for emotional maturity and stability.
  • Family-like atmosphere giving the youth a sense of belonging.
  • Average period of stay: 3 to 4 years.