The origins of Vinimay, like that of a river, are hard to trace. There is no single divine drop that formed the other drops in the flowing stream. The seminal essence of Vinimay is the story of a collective vision of like-minded individuals who firmly believe in the elementary human trait of 'goodness'. The annals of history, however, offer an edifying glimpse into the Vinimay beginnings. A group of starry-eyed men - Dr. D. Krishnan, P.R. Vaidya, L. Shridhar, M. Sundaresan, Mohan Thakkar, Kiran Mankad and L Venkataraman - came together to make a positive difference on the social landscape. 1980, the golden jubilee year of Gandhiji's immortal Dandi March, set the flame of social strides ablaze when the group recreated the enduring slice of history in a fitting tribute.

The name 'Vinimay', the brainchild of Mr. P R Vaidya, was first declared during this performance that was the group's first attempt to experience the dynamics of people interaction.

After the Dandi March, the group members continued their social crusade, albeit not under the banner of 'Vinimay' ... not until August 1982, when Dr. K. V. Narayanan introduced the group to the Chembur Children's Home (CC Home). This marked the group's foray into the fascinating world of children - the assignment apparently was to provide tutorial assistance to inmate kids; but the need from the other side clearly called for emotional support and community exposure ahead of academic coaching.

The group was in a fix - do we restrict ourselves at the surface level of academic support or, completely re-orient ourselves towards the new task? They pondered. Unsure and wary; they began, withdrew and resumed many a times. but throughout this predicament, the children were irresistible. Soon the tutorial classes took the form of 'guppa-goshti' (gossip) sessions which deliberated and debated upon anything under the sky - from cinema to armaments. Soon, a strong bond developed between the two parties.

The group still sheltered in the cocoon of anonymity. However, the growing involvement with CC Home and the formality of official correspondence now demanded a name. In October 1983, 'Vinimay' was officially unveiled. The official baptism has in no way altered the unassuming method which the group employs - responsive voluntarism.