Vinimag Issue 28
April 2017 to September 2017
This issue features "Volunteer Speak" that brings to you the inspirational story of Mangesh Khamkar, who stayed at a CWI during his childhood and despite many difficulties is well settled in life today and is an active volunteer in Vinimay's camps for children from the CWIs. It also covers Vinimay's camps held for boys and girls from various CWIs where we endeavor to "Make Learning Fun". A roundup of our regular activities during the period April to September 2017 also forms part of this newsletter.
Vinimag Issue 27
Oct 2016 to March 2017
This issue with Our Feature – “Back to our Roots” brings to you the story of how Ravi Panchal, one of the boys at Smt. Coomiben Babubhai Shah Tarun Sadan – our transition hostel for youth emerging out of the CWIs determinedly set out to trace his family along with a little help from his friends and of course, his Vinimay family. A new initiative by Vinimay – Life Skills Training for the students at Tarun Sadan has been outlined along with roundup of various regular activities
Vinimag Issue 26
April 2016 to September 2016
This issue covers story of Narayan Velande (Gorappa) in our feature “Spreading our Wings”. Also the launch of our “MathLab Project” wherein we aim to teach Mathematics in a fun manner through various tools is discussed. Also the celebration for various festivals, a film screening program, the celebration of the Annual day and many more activities in our Youth Hostel finds mention in this issue.
Vinimag Issue 25
July 2015 to March 2016
This issue of Vinimag covers the 9 month period from July 2015 to March 2016– a small change on our part to keep in line with the financial year. This issue provides an insight into how an ex-DSIS boy who is now a Chef came back to his alma mater to cook for the children there. The fun and frolic at the Annual Day programs at CCH, BKN and DSIS – the three CWIs where Vinimay is active also form part of this newsletter. During this period with the holding of a TB detection camp, annual picnic, Vinimay Milan, commencement of Computer and English speaking classes in Tarun Sadan also finds mention in this issue
Vinimag Issue 24
Jan 2015 to June 2015
Vinimay Milan, the annual gathering of the Vinimay family was celebrated on 26th Jan 2015 and the issue outlines the activities carried out during this event. A health camp held for the Tarun Sadan boys also finds mention in this issue.