Recent Activities

Tarun sadan boys' day out for trekking on Kharghar hills (05-03-2023)

Annual Day Program at Shradhanand Mahilasram (29-01-2023)

Annual Day Program at David Sassoon Industrial school (28-01-2023)

Vinimay Milan Program in Evening at Tarun Sadan (26-01-2023)

Republic Day Celebration at Tarun Sadan (26-01-2023)

Asha Sadan Annual Day (22-01-2023)

AD Bawla Annual Day (15-01-2023)

Annual Day in St. Catherines Home, Andheri West (14-Jan-2023)

Annual Day in Bal Kalyan Nagri(07-Jan-2023)

Aditya Birla Annual Day program (01-Jan-2023)

Annual Day Program at Chembur Children's Home (31-12-2023)

Monsoon Picnic with Vinimay Family at Pokharwadi Dam(28-Aug-2022)

Independence Day celebration at Tarun Sadan HOstel (15-Aug-2022)

Annual day celebration at CCH (02-Apr-2022)

Birthday Program in Chembur Children Home (02-April-2022)

Annual day celebration in Asha Sadan on Jan 28th 2022

Recreational Activities During Lokdown at Tarun Sadan

  • The boys remained in the hostel during the lockdown period and were engaged in various recreational activities.

Session on COVID 19 in March 2020

  • A session on COVID-19 was conducted in March at Tarun Sadan for spreading awareness

Holi Celebration 2020

Vinimay Milan (26.01.2020)

  • Vinimay Milan, the annual get-together of Vinimay Family consisting of Ex boys and girls from institutions (CCH, BKN, DSIS) with their families, Ex Tarun Sadan boys with families, the present Tarun Sadan boys and Vinimay Volunteers with families took place on 26th January. About 270 people attended the event. After the welcome speech by Mr. Kulkarni, Manager, Tarun Sadan, there were songs and dances by Ex boys and girls (Tarun Vinimay), their children (BalVinimay), and boys from Tarun Sadan, followed by a slide show on Vinimay ( Bhule Bisrey Yadein) and dinner. The event was filled with warmth, fun and excitement.

Annual Events at various CWIs

  • Annual Events were organised across different CWIs(Child Welfare Institutes)
    1. Chembur children home (31-12-2019)
    2. Bal Kalyan Nagari (01-01-2020)
    3. David Sassoon Industrial School (04-01-2020)
    4. Asha Sadan (11-01-2020)
    5. St. Catherine Home (18-01-2020)
    6. A D Bawla orphanage (19-01-2020)
  • Altogether more than 700 children were involved in the programs
  • Games, funfare and prize distribution were organized in Asha Sadan, St. Catherine and ADBawla and students were provided with snacks and ice-cream.

Educational workshops for 10th standard students

  • In November - December special sessions in science and mathematics were arranged for Xth standard students of CCH and BKN, coordinating with PEHL. These were arranged on Sunday mornings. This involved making of charts ( important diagrams) and simple demonstrations to clarify the concepts.

Run for diversity Marathon

  • Tarun Sadan boys after a marathon (Run for diversity) held in Navi Mumbai on 1/12/2019.

Volunteer meeting for annual day celebrations

  • Volunteer meeting in preparation for annual day celebrations in child care institutions on 12th October

Talk on "ORGAN DONATION" in Tarun Sadan (13.10.2019)

  • Tarun and Smit Vinimay meeting was held on October 13th Sunday in Tarun Sadan, 11.00 am. Special talk on "ORGAN DONATION" was given by Dr. Kamaxi Bhate from KEM Hospital

Medical Camp at CTS (21.07.2019)

  • Medical camp conducted for CTS boys, in CTS premises on 21.07.2019
  • Resource persons: A team of doctors from the Navi Mumbai Doctors’ Foundation (NMDF). The team consisted of:
    • Dr Arun Khure (Physician)
    • Dr Arun Kuchik (Physician)
    • Dr Suresh Pawar (CTS family doctor)
    • Dr Jagdish Khule (Physician)
  • Vinimay volunteers: Mukta Mahapatra, Vinod Shinde, Ajaya Jadhav, PS Gade, Sanjay Shetty
  • 31 out of 34 boys in Tarun Sadan attended.
  • Eye, skin & general check up, discussion in health and hygiene + sex and addiction

Tarun Sadan Annual day dinner in Hotel Rajdhani (9th June 2019)

Boys and Girls camp in Khandala (5th May to 11th May 2019)

55 girls and 50 boys from Child welfare institutions in and around Mumbai participated in this year's summer camp in Khandala (5th May to 11th May 2019).

Financial Literacy Session organised by TISS students (24th February 2019)

A Financial Literacy Session was organised by TISS students on 24 Feb 2019. Topic of Session was "Source of money Saving". Development officer from Post office and Ajit Pujari from SEBI briefed students about various money saving procedures through the talk.