Vinimay's Philosophy

'Vinimay' in Sanskrit means - 'a contemplative exchange of thoughts and ideas' and our name is the epitome of our philosophy -

Knowledge is an evolving chain of milestones on the eternal voyage of learning -

  • - a pilgrimage where the master and the pupil both are students
  • - where every interaction is transformational and not transactional

Vinimay believes in raising the average, rather than honing excellence! In the former endeavour are the self-sprouting seeds of the latter.

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About Vinimay

  • We are a social work organization [NGO] working for under-privileged children and youth staying in, and emerging out of, child welfare institutions (CWIs) in the city of Mumbai.
  • We have been in the field from 1981 i.e. since 27 years.
  • Vinimay is not only run by volunteers but also managed by them.
  • We consider social work as a two-way process, involving exchange of resources, knowledge, love and spiritual enrichment. Hence our name "Vinimay".

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Our field of work

We involve ourselves in two broad areas of work:

  • Helping under-privileged children living in child welfare institutions (CWIs or free boarding schools) by supplementing the work of the CWIs.
  • Rehabilitation of under-privileged youth emerging out of such institutions by way of job placements, accommodation, interest free loans, medical aid, personality development etc.
  • This happens primarily through a hostel (approx. 50 persons) for under-privileged youth, which has been functioning successfully since 1999.

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How you can help

  • Work with us:
    Being completely volunteer driven, Vinimay is always in need of volunteers who get satisfaction by working with under-privileged children and youth.
  • Fund a program:
    Your funding could help a child achieve a better education, improve one's personality, get more nutritious food or just celebrate a birthday.
  • Spread the word:
    If you feel that Vinimay's philosophy and activities have touched you, then help us spread our messageto others.

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